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Standing Earring Holder
Standing Earring Holder
Standing Earring Holder

Standing Earring Holder

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Our handmade earring stand is the perfect way to display your earring collection. 

  • Sturdy pine veneer construction holds up to 134 pairs of earrings. 
  • Display your stud earrings stylishly in the many perfectly placed holes, or use our easy to use drop slots for more frequently used earrings without needing to remove the back. 
  • Suits most earring styles
  • Large 270mm x 290mm free standing size to fit as many earrings as possible

As this item is handmade to order, please allow 3-5 days for production before we can ship your piece to you.

Care Instructions

As the product is handmade please allow for slight imperfections Exposure to direct sunlight may cause fading.  Exposure to water may make the product swell. 

Due to the nature of handmade items and the materials we source, some items may display small surface imperfections, these will not effect the structure or suitability of our designs and all care has been taken to ensure that small imperfections do not effect the visual result.

The placement of wood grains are not controllable and whilst we take every care to ensure that your product is as close to that represented in our photos, we cannot guarantee placement or amount of wood grain in each individual piece.